Prefabricated Houses – Can they be Mortgaged?

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Concrete construction mortgages

Their growing popularity of prefabricated housing, especially among thirtysomethings, demonstrates that prefab housing could be a future alternative to bricks and mortar.
The technical difficulties with mortgage lenders often prove to be a barrier to people wanting to buy homes with unusual construction.

In a separate survey, Standard Life Bank canvassed 1000 adults in the UK to gauge their propensity to buy a prefab home.

The data revealed an enlighteningly positive response.

Three out of 10 people in the UK would consider buying a prefabricated or self-build home with young people aged 34 and under the most likely age group to do so.

People living in rented accommodation see prefab or self-build as a way onto the property ladder with 33% saying they would consider it.

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