Mortgage Types

There are a large number of different mortgage options on the market – all suited to different lifestyles and circumstances. It can be confusing understanding all the features of the different products and knowing which one is right for you. Do you go for an interest only mortgage or repayment? Do you need any special mortgage features? Should you fix your mortgage, and if so, for how long? We can help you with the answers.

There are many different types of mortgage products – Discount, Capped, Fixed Rate, Tracker, Cash Back, Flexible/CAM, including those aimed at specific sections of the market including First Time Buyer, and Buy to Let. If you’re wondering which type of mortgage might best suit you, then try our What mortgage suits me calculator which can help you look at the different options.

When choosing a mortgage you need to look at:

Do you want a repayment or interest only mortgage?
What type of interest rate option would suit you – tracker, fixed, current account?
What other special features might appeal / suit you?