Buy-to-let Maximum Loan Calculator

See how much your rent will allow you to borrow, (this will differ from lender to lender) enter your estimated monthly rent, and select 5.5 to 6.99 stress test rate field (This calculation uses a buffer of 125%).

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The maximum loan you can borrow is:


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This is not a quotation under the Consumer Credit Act. Figures are subject to validation.

This information is designed to quick idea of the likely mortgage amount you can borrow based on rental income coming in, however this amount is subject to lots of different things such as your credit history, monthly outgoings and deposit. For a firmer idea it's best to speak to an adviser who can run through your circumstances and help give you a more definitive figure.

It's important you always get a specific quote from the lender before acting on the information. Contact us to review your requirements and let us advise on the most suitable mortgage for you.

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What do these fields mean?

When measuring affordability for buy-to-let mortgages, lenders stress test applications against mortgage rates rising to 5% and sometimes to 6.99%, even if the agreed final rate is lower, to guard against unexpected rises in costs for landlords.

Lenders also typically require a ‘buffer’ of 125% - i.e. the rental income each month must be 125% of the mortgage repayments. Enter your expected monthly rent, select 5, 5.5 or 6.99 (some lenders stress test at a higher level, so you may want to see all scenarios) and press calculate.