CCJ, County Court Judgements

Turned down by high street lenders? Have a less than perfect or no credit history? Let us help.

The majority of high street banks & building societies use a credit scoring system to work out if they will give you a mortgage. If your credit score in low you won’t get a mortgage and in many cases, you won’t be told why. Get a FREE COPY  of your credit report it will help you understand what’s being recorded against you.

If you have a CCJ or CCJs ( County Court Judgements )? and need a mortgage? Mortgage Solutions has access to special schemes, that can accommodate credit problems, CCJ, and other unusual circumstances for those who need a mortgage.

People who have been unfortunate with CCJ (County Court Judgements) and need a mortgage know all too clearly how, in some cases, banks & building societies are unable to assist.

So if you need a mortgage and you have CCJ, check to see if one or more of the following circumstances applies to you and let Mortgage Solutions help you:

  • County Court Judgements (CCJ CCJ’s) Considered up to 60%. LTV
  • Defaults, any number
  • Bankruptcies, discharged less than 1 year
  • No Income confirmation
  • No previous lender reference on select schemes
  • Been in arrears with a loan or mortgage?
  • Self Employed
  • Purchase & Re-Mortgage
  • You want to purchase a building of unusual construction (e.g. concrete)

If you have had previous bad credit issues, late payments missed payments this will affect your ability to get a mortgage.  The good news is that there are solutions depending on your circumstances.

It is always difficult to quote exact rates in an “adverse” lending situation, without knowing your circumstances. Having said that, there are a few generalisations that can be made, the first is that if you need a mortgage, and you have CCJ, we most likely CAN find you a mortgage for your House Purchase or Re-Mortgage.

It’s also worth noting that if you have never borrowed money or had a credit card before, you will likely have little or no credit history. This means you may well be turned down by some lenders for some products as they will be unable to assess how good or not you might be at repaying debt.

Choosing the right mortgage lender if you have bad credit

There are various levels of bad credit mortgage available, depending on the severity of your poor credit score and the reasons for your credit rating.
If you have a difficult financial history you will be better to speak to one of our advisors to see who will be the best lender for you, it could save you time and money.

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