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Despite their professional status and above average earning potential, barristers, lawyers  & solicitors may sometimes find getting a high-value mortgage that reflects their earnings to be something of a challenge. Some high street lenders are be ill-equipped to assess the income of professionals, by failing to properly account for overtime, bonuses or additional billable hours.

Mortgage Solutions know which lenders specialise in mortgages for barristers, lawyers, & solicitors the one’s that will favourably assess the fee structure of the legal world when taking into account how much they will lend.

As a lawyer, you probably already have enough to fit into your busy work schedule without spending time and effort trying to track down a good mortgage deal. Fortunately, our independent whole of market mortgage advisers can help you to find the best mortgage for barristers, lawyers & solicitors

Benefits of specialist mortgages for lawyers

A good quality mortgage for lawyers could provide you with some of the following advantages:

  • Preferential mortgage deals that reflect your true earning capacity
  • Affordability calculations that are tailored to the needs of lawyers, based on expected income
  • Special deals for people who are not from the UK i.e. American lawyers who are moving to the UK for work
  • Flexible repayment conditions and the option to offset your mortgage against your savings

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