Discounted Rate Mortgage

The Deal:

A discounted rate works in exactly the same way as a variable rate, however during the initial period, or in some instances throughout the lifetime of the mortgage, the lender will offer you a discount off the standard variable rate.


  • Reduces the monthly mortgage payment at the outset
  • It allows other costs associated with house purchase to be catered for in the early months or years
  • Allows borrowers to take advantage of rate reductions


  • Once the discounted period expires the rate returns to the variable rate meaning an increase in the monthly cost
  • Larger discounts lead to larger increases
  • Liable to redemption penalties which can be restrictive
  • Exposure to interest rate rises


A discounted rate mortgage is the most suitable option in a number of circumstances the most common being those identified below:

  • Larger borrowing
  • For those who feel interest rates will remain stable in the near future
  • For those anticipating a salary increase in the near future