Mortgage for Concrete Construction House

We have been arranging mortgages for clients with Pre Reinforced Concrete houses (PRC houses) also known as non-standard construction houses or concrete prefab houses, something we have been helping our clients with for over 20 years.

Do You want to repair your Home

We can arrange mortgages on Airey houses and most types of concrete or prefabricated properties, Right to buy up to 100%- If you need a mortgage to Buy and Repair your property we can help, or if you just want to buy without the worry of all the building work we can also help, call one of our mortgage team today…

Traditionally these properties suffer from poor insulation with the house hard to heat, but with the installation of the external walls, it will see them dramatically improve their heat loss.

Getting a mortgage on a concrete construction house can be difficult most high street lenders are reluctant to lend on these properties.

Why not buy the house you already live in.

Right-to-Buy mortgages up to 100% of the purchase price. So if you qualify for the maximum right-to-buy discount, you only need to find funds to cover any fees or charges.

  • 70% Mortgages Available
  • Mortgages up to 100% available for Right to buys
  • Buy your council house
  • County Court Judgments & Defaults accepted
  • We calculate how much you can afford
  • Release cash to improve your home!

Under the Council Right to Buy scheme, you can buy your home at a price lower than the full market value.

This is because the length of time you have spent as a tenant entitles you to a discount.
Council tenants with two years’ qualifying time may have the right to buy their home. You will get a discount on the valuation price depending on how long you have been a tenant.

Most properties of concrete construction (concrete houses, concrete bungalows, Flats etc) will appear on what is known as the defective list and therefore are not deemed mortgageable unless they have been repaired’.

This means that the concrete construction has been repaired to a certain standard and will have PRC Certificate which is a confirmation that a structural engineer has visited the property and confirmed that the required structural work has been carried out to make the building secure from the issues that have historically be associated with this type of property.

Mortgage Solutions has access to companies who will lend on Non - Standard Construction properties,these can be concrete, prefabricated, Steel frame houses regardless of whether they have been repaired or not.

Funding is available to people who wish to purchase or remortgage.

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