Mortgage Cornish Prefabricated bungalows

We can arrange a  Mortgage for Cornish Prefabricated Bungalows in most cases at normal rates for Cornish prefabricated bungalows,  you do not need a PRC certificate.

Traditionally these properties suffer from poor insulation with the bungalow hard to heat, but with the installation of the external walls, it will see them dramatically improve their heat loss, which will dramatically reduce your heating costs.

Typically full grants could be available to have this work completed, this is especially so for households that use Coal, Oil, or Electric to heat their homes.

There are two different types of Woolaway Construction, House & Bungalow.

We can arrange a Mortgage for Cornish bungalows, but many major high street lenders will still not fund the purchase of this type of building.

Equity Release

Equity release on Cornish Bungalows is difficult even though they do not appear on the defective housing list, lenders are not happy to lend on any properties of non-standard construction. However, as the equity release market develops lenders come into this fast growing area of the mortgage market so please call in for more information on Equity release for Cornish bungalows.

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  • 90% Mortgages Available on bungalows
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Most properties of concrete construction (concrete houses, concrete bungalows woolaway prefabricated bungalows etc) will appear on what is known as the defective list, therefore, are not deemed mortgageable unless they have been repaired’. Woolaway bungalows are not on this list so please call to see how we can help.

This means that the property has been repaired to a certain standard.

Concrete constructed houses take many forms and can offer good value for money.

Mortgage Solutions has access to companies who will lend on Non - Standard Construction properties,these can be concrete, prefabricated, Steel frame houses regardless of whether they have been repaired or not.

Funding is available to people who wish to purchase or remortgage.

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