Found your Ideal property and location

Once you have decided what sort of property you are looking for and the area where you want to live, contact as many local estate agents as possible. Ask them to send you details of suitable properties on their books on a regular basis.

Once you get started, you will probably see a lot of different properties in a fairly short period of time. Keep a record of each one you have visited, together with a few notes reminding you of its good and bad points. Then you can look back on this list to check that you are still fulfilling your requirements in the properties you are viewing.

  • Measure every room as accurately as you can – so that you can buy decorating materials effectively and make sure that the appliances and furniture you have or are buying will fit properly.
  • Review the things you own – if there’s too much it’s better to get rid of it before you move not after.
  • For big appliances and things like fireplaces check if they are included in the sale. If not, it may be worth while making an offer.
  • If you’re buying try to work to a budget – and remember that buying appliances on-line, second-hand or at the sales can all help make your money go a lot further.
  • Remember that your insurance cover may need to be updated.
  • Remember to check your local school and other amenities (i.e. bus routes, doctors, shopping)